The Tierra Estella electricity axis receives a favourable environmental impact statement
  • The Regional Government of Navarra has approved the EIS for the route of the new 30 km line between the Muruarte substation and the new Tierra Estella substation.

  • This infrastructure has been highly demanded in the area and is essential to guarantee the quality and safety of the electricity supply, mainly for companies and industrial businesses located in Tierra Estella.


The electricity line between Muruarte and Tierra Estella, and the new Tierra Estella 220 kV substation, have received a favourable Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) from the Regional Government of Navarra. The new line and the substation represent essential infrastructure promoted by Red Eléctrica (Redeia's subsidiary company responsible for the transmission and operation of the electricity system in Spain) to guarantee the quality and safety of the electricity supply, mainly for companies and industrial businesses located in Tierra Estella. It should be noted that the line and substation have been demanded for some time by the companies in the area, as well as by various business associations, as they will enable them to have the supply guarantee necessary to develop their industrial activity, thus facilitating the economic growth of the area. Additionally, they will help improve the competitiveness of the companies, while opening the door to new investments.

Obtaining the EIS is a decisive step in the permitting process for the project. Previously, the Regional Government of Navarra had declared it as a project of common interest for the region, which brings with it a preferential and urgent push for expediting the pertinent administrative procedures by all the administrations concerned in order to speed up the development of the new electricity supply line.

Red Eléctrica, which will invest €18 million in these new facilities, has drawn up a route for the new 220 kV line that is the result of an open and participative consultation process, which has been determined as the best solution based on the strictest technical, social and environmental criteria. In short, it is a project that has broad consensus with stakeholders, ensures the lowest possible environmental impact and has been designed to meet the specific needs of the territory.

In addition, these new facilities are considered essential because they will also be used for the evacuation of energy that will be generated by new renewable projects, as this is an area with high wind power potential, as highlighted in the Energy Plan of Navarra for 2030.

It should also be noted that the connection of this electricity line to the new 400 kV Navarra-Basque Country axis that Red Eléctrica is currently including as a project in its grid planning, will strengthen the robustness of the electricity system in the region, help promote the integration of renewable energy and act as a strategic axis for the new interconnection with France across the Bay of Biscay.

Electricity Transmission Grid Planning in Navarra. Moving towards a more robust and renewable system

In addition to the aforementioned facilities, the 2021-2026 Transmission Grid Planning, approved by the Council of Ministers and of mandatory execution for Red Eléctrica, contemplates the enlargement of the 220 kV Sangüesa substation in order to enable the connection of a large consumer that requires sizeable volumes of energy, facilitating its maintenance and industrial activity, which is essential for the stabilisation of employment and the fight against depopulation.  

On the other hand, between now and 2025, the Transmission Grid Planning contemplates an additional axis between Navarra and Aragón that will involve the construction of a double circuit between La Serna (Tudela) and Magallón (Zaragoza) and the increase in transmission capacity of several 220 kV lines in the area, bolstering the electrical connection of two areas on the electricity system map that are experiencing a very high implementation of renewable energy facilities and also important industrial developments.

Lastly, Red Eléctrica will carry out the enlargement of several substations in order to increase their capacity to integrate renewable energy, thus contributing to moving the ecological transition forward and helping meet the national and European energy and climate targets.