Commitment to biodiversity

Biodiversity conservation has always been a basic principle within our environmental policy and corporate business strategy. In 2010, we strengthened our engagement through the definition of a core strategy for the Company to follow in this field and an action plan.

Biodiversity Commitment

We have a biodiversity strategy and in a specific action plan that covers all the activities of the Company.

The facilities of Red Eléctrica are distributed nationwide, as the objective of the transmission grid is to join the energy generation points with the areas of consumption.

One of the main criteria when defining the location of new facilities is to avoid those areas rich in biodiversity, although, in some cases, it is inevitable that installations cross or need to be located in protected spaces or in areas with species of interest (approximately 25% of the Spanish territory is protected).

In these cases, Red Eléctrica puts into motion all the necessary preventive and corrective measures to minimise the possible effects on flora and fauna, and provides additional environmental improvement actions to improve the biodiversity of the areas in which their facilities are located.

Only 0.08 % of the total surface area of Natura 2000 / Red Natura is occupied by Red Eléctrica facilities.

More information in the document "Biodiversity Commitment".

Main initiatives of our commitment

  • We work on forest fire prevention by implementing preventive measures when carrying out our activities and by collaborating with the relevant public administration bodies on the development of measures and strategies for fire fighting.  
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  • We contribute to biodiversity conservation through collaboration with various public administration bodies, and prestigious organisations that work on conservation projects. View our map of sustainability projects.
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