Sustainable Energy

Red Eléctrica, as the company responsible for transmission and operation of the Spanish electricity system, works, on a daily basis, on the development of grids and in the implementation of efficiency measures in the processes associated to the operation of the system.

Key Actions

Integration of renewable energies and promotion of energy efficiency to help achieve the objectives related to climate change and to reduce our dependence on foreign energy. 

Developing a meshed and robust transmission grid which is better interconnected with Europe and making progress with the interconnections between the electricity systems of the islands’ in order to achieve optimal levels of quality and security of supply.

Implementation of best environmental protection practices in the design, construction and maintenance processes of electricity transmission infrastructure and facilities, and promoting dialogue with the communities in which our activities are carried out.  
Commitment to a culture of innovation as a key strategic element to successfully tackle the new scenarios posed by the transformation process of the energy sector, such as the development of supranational networks, storage systems, smart grids,...