Stakeholder groups

Red Eléctrica presents a corporate system for the management of its stakeholders with the mission of creating shared value and influence in the improvement of the Company’s reputation.

Management model

The management model is based on the principles of transparency, dialogue and mutual collaboration and has as its main elements the identification of the different stakeholder groups, knowledge of their needs and expectations, the establishment of the commitments and relationship frameworks and the development of tools regarding assessment and improvement.

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Stakeholders and channels

Red Eléctrica considers stakeholders as the collectives or entities that are, or that may be, affected by the services or activities of the company and those whose opinions or decisions affect its economic results or its reputation.

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  • Continuous improvement of the valuation given by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for stakeholder management.
  • Recognition of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) in 2012 of the ‘Dígame’ service as a best practice.