Noteworthy projects

As an objective of its business management, Red Eléctrica undertakes to contribute to sustainable development and biodiversity conservation, and therefore, amongst other measures, it develops and carries out various environmental and social projects.

In this section highlighted are the relevant projects that allow Red Eléctrica to minimise its impact on society, strengthening our firm commitment to improving sustainability.

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With this project Red Eléctrica expects to study the use of seeds for recovering the Posidonia oceanica sea grass meadows in the Balearic Islands. See more.

Through this project Red Eléctrica offsets part of its CO2 emissions, contributes to biodiversity conservation and the development of local economies. See more.

Red Eléctrica has won the European Business Award for the Environment 2014-15 in the Business and Biodiversity category for this project. See more.

In Red Eléctrica we develop and carry out numerous actions aimed at the protection and conservation of birdlife. See more.