Supplier qualification process

Our suppliers are a key part of our productive processes - together with the equipment, materials and services which they provide.

 In the case of those supplies which Red Eléctrica considers as strategic for its facilities, quotations are requested in a general manner from suppliers who have been qualified by the company.

In any event, all suppliers (even if qualification is not necessary) must be evaluated to determine their capacity as a company. For this reason, if a company is interested in becoming a Red Eléctrica supplier, it must send the information requested on the New Supplier Registration questionnaire.

The information received will be analysed by Red Eléctrica. If we are interested in the goods or services and the supplier needs to be qualified (in the case of supplies which are considered strategic), the qualification process shall be commenced. If it is not necessary for the supplier to be qualified (depending on the type of supply it offers), they will be taken into account for Red Eléctrica's possible future needs.

Both the supplier and its goods or services shall be evaluated during the qualification process. This means that the supplier will be evaluated in regard to the goods or services which it offers Red Eléctrica. All the conditioning factors related to price, finance, technical aspects, quality, safety, the environment and any other aspect deemed necessary shall be evaluated.

Subsequently, when supply commences, continuous monitoring shall be applied mainly to aspects of quality, compliance with delivery deadlines and prices. The goal is to achieve and maintain the maximum level of efficiency possible.