Statistical data of electrical system

National statistical series

Regarding the information corresponding to the peninsular system, the majority of the series start in 1990, whilst that relating to the extra-peninsular systems series start in 2006, when Red Eléctrica began to carry out its duties as the operator of these systems in a legally binding manner.

Statistical series of the Spanish electricity system (June 2017)

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Statistical series of the Spanish electricity system (June 2017)
Index of series Files in Excel format Files in text format
Balance of electrical energy (XLSM, 439 KB) (CSV, 146 KB)
Generation mix (XLSM, 1.41 MB) (CSV, 2.45 MB)
Renewable generation (XLSM, 3.59 MB) (CSV, 3.76 MB)
CO2 emissions associated to the power generation (XLSM, 6.08 MB) (CSV, 94.3 KB)
Components of growth of the demand (XLSM, 422 KB) (CSV, 895 KB)
Installed power capacity (XLSM, 118 KB) (CSV, 10 KB)
Maximum average hourly power demand and daily energy (XLSM, 1.68 MB) (CSV, 1.58 MB)
International physical energy exchanges (XLSM, 1.23 MB) (CSV, 3.45 MB)
Producible hydroelectric energy and hydroelectric reserves (XLSM, 641 KB) (CSV, 742 KB)
Thermal unavailable capacity (XLSM, 222 KB) (CSV, 94.5 KB)
Transmission grid. Kilometers of circuit and quality indicators (XLSM, 264 KB) (CSV, 52.9 KB)
Electrical markets  (XLSM, 617 KB) (CSV, 11.2 MB)

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