Shareholders and investors

Strategy financing

Red Eléctrica's financial strategy entails a conservative financial policy, anticipating the coverage of our future needs and maintaining an adequate liquidity position which give us a solid starting point for the development of the Company's objectives.

 All this, with a commitment to maintain a solid capital structure and strong capital ratios, which contribute to the development of Red Eléctrica's overall strategy

Data at 30 June 2017

Debt structure. By financial instrument -> 57% EMTN Bonds, 6% other, 7% USPP and 30% EIB & ICO loan. By rate -> 13% variable rate and 87% fixed rate.

Data at 30 June 2017 (MN EUR)

Maturity calendar 2017 (103), 2018 (739), 2019 (385), 2020 (808) y 2021 (3.174)