Technological vision

Energy efficiency, security of supply and sustainable development of the facilities that provide support to the electricity system are the key axes on which the technological innovation of the Company is channeled.

The efforts of Red Eléctrica regarding R&D+i are directed towards achieving a position of international reference in this field, fulfiling the technological vision of the Company: integrating technological innovation and development as a strategic activity, securing a position of leadership within the TSO sector. To accomplish this, it has put in place a new Innovation and Technology Development Plan, whose main objective is to establish the framework for action of the technology strategy of Red Eléctrica.

The Plan also aims to represent a qualitative leap in the dissemination of the Company’s R&D+i activities, both internally and for the relevant participants at national and European level. In the international arena, of note is the Company's participation in ENTSO-E's Research and Innovation Roadmap 2013-2022, which establishes the technological strategy of the European TSOs to meet the targets of the European Union's energy policy (20-20-20).