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Organisational Chart

  • Organisational Chart
    Red Eléctrica Group
    • Chairman of Red Eléctrica Group and Board of Directors
      Jordi Sevilla Segura
      • Director of the Chairman’s Office and Institutional Relations
        Beatriz Elisa de Munck Loyola
        • Manager of the Institutional Relations Department
          Fernando Crespo Carretero
        • Manager of the International Relations Department
          Jasón Besga Basterra
        • Regional Offices
          • Manager of East Regional Office
            Maria Teresa Vela Molina
          • Manager of Northeastern Regional Office
            José Ignacio Lallana Domínguez
          • Manager of Northern Regional Office
            Antonio González Urquijo
          • Manager of Southern Regional Office
            Miguel González Ruiz
          • Manager of Western Regional Office
            Carlos González Patiño
          • Manager of Central Regional Office
            Roberto Arranz Cuesta
          • Manager of Canary Islands Regional Office
            Ainara Irigoyen Zarragoicoechea
          • Manager of Balearic Islands Regional Office
            Eduardo Maynau Izeta
      • General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors
        Rafael García de Diego
        • Manager of Sustainability and Innovation Area
          Fátima Rojas Cimadevila
          • Manager of the Sustainability Department
            Vicente González López
          • Manager of the Innovation Department
            José Carlos Fernández Pérez
        • Manager of Corporate Governance Department
          Fernando Frías Montejo
      • Manager of Internal Audit and Risk Control Management Area
        Carlos Méndez-Trelles García
        • Manager of the Internal Audit Department
          Manuel Sánchez Gómez
        • Manager of the Risk Control, Compliance and Quality Department
          Eva Rodicio González
    • Chief Executive Officer
      Juan Lasala Bernad
      • Assistant Corporate Director to the CEO
        Francisco Ruiz Jiménez
        • Manager of Regulation Area
          Luis Villafruela Arranz
          • Manager of Regulation and Studies Department
            Mauricio Remacha Moro
          • Manager of Access to Information on the Electricity System Department
            Ana Isabel Abril Pérez
        • Manager of Communication Area
          Antonio Prada Ramos
          • Manager of External Communication Department
            Pilar Berengena Collantes
          • Manager of Brand and Corporate Image Department
            Rafael Heredia Martínez
        • Manager of Legal Advice Area
          Laura de Rivera García de Leániz
          • Manager of Legal Advices Department
            Cristina Palacios Recuero
      • General Manager of Transmission Division
        Eva Pagán Díaz
        • Manager of Transmission Services Area
          Luis Velasco Bodega
          • Manager of Transmission Management Department
            Guillermo Rodríguez Gaya
          • Manager of Licences Department
            Carmelo Oyola Arroyo
          • Manager of Transmission Grid Connection Services Department
            Julio Muñoz Flórez
          • Manager of Support for Diversification Projects Department
            David González Jouanneau
        • Manager of Engineering and Environmental Area
          Ramón Granadino Goenechea
          • Manager of Transmission Lines Engineering and Environmental Department
            María Soler Soneira
          • Manager of Substations Engineering Department
            Luis Cabezón López
          • Manager of Design Department
            Baldomero García Galán
        • Manager of Construction Area
          Andrés Cadenas Martín
          • Manager of Renovation and Facilities Improvement Department
            Gonzalo Isabel Mira
          • Manager of Construction Department
            Dolores López-Menchero Córdoba
          • Project Managers
            Ignacio José Granados Galainena, Sonia Herrán Alonso, Javier Iglesias Díaz, Juan Prieto Monterrubio, Juan Carlos Sánchez Martín, Antonio Sanz Ayllón, Sara Fernández de Sevilla, Juan Antonio García López
        • Manager of Facilities Maintenance Area
          Manuel López Cormenzana
          • Manager of Substations Maintenance Department
            Sergio Quintín Clemente
          • Manager of Lines Maintenance Department
            Elena Nogueroles Laguía
          • Manager of Telecommunications Department
            Mario Castro Fernández
          • Manager of Northeast Demarcation
            Salvador Relat Portella
          • Manager of North Demarcation
            José María Muñoz Cabeza
          • Manager of East Demarcation
            Marta Orts Pons
          • Manager of Northwest Demarcation
            Agustín Pallarés Escanilla
          • Manager of Centre Demarcation
            Laura Quintana del Val
          • Manager of Sur Demarcation
            Pablo Relimpio Astolfi
          • Manager of Canary Islands Transmission Demarcation
            Vidina León Moreno
          • Manager of Balearic Islands Transmission Demarcation
            Francisco Javier Meléndez Pastor
        • Manager of Infrastructure for the Canary Area
          Daniel Santiago Pérez Varela
          • Projects
            Andrés Zapico Martín
      • General Manager of System Operation Division
        Miguel Rafael Duvison García
        • Manager of System Operation Area
          Tomás José Domínguez Autrán
          • Manager of Electricity Control Centre Department
            Juan Bola Merino
          • Manager of Balearic Islands System Operation Area
            José Manuel de la Torre Campos
          • Manager of Electricity Supply Guarantee Department
            David Alvira Baeza
          • Manager of System Security Department
            Jorque Vaquero Melado
          • Manager of Operation Markets Department
            Maria Luisa Llorens Casado
          • Manager of Canary Islands System Operation Area
            Eduardo Prieto García
            • Manager of Canary Islands System Operation Department
              Alberto Álvarez Férez
            • Manager of Isolated Systems Department
              René Ascanio Suárez
        • Manager of System Development Area
          Santiago José Marín Fernández
          • Manager of Electrical Planning Department
            María Concepción Sánchez Pérez
          • Manager of Electrical Reliability Department
            Rosalía Rivas Saiz
          • Manager of Grid Access Department
            Juan Francisco Alonso Lorente
          • Manager of System Operation Analysis and Development Department
            Juan Manuel Rodríguez García
        • Manager of System Operation Services Area
          Juan José Prieto Maestro
          • Manager of Metering Department
            Ricardo Bajo y del Pozo
          • Manager of Settlements Department
            Miguel Ángel Muro Villalón
          • Manager of Forecast and Coverage Models Department
            Jesús María Rupérez Aguilera
          • Manager of Demand-side Management and Smart Grids Department
            Susana Bañares Hernández
      • Corporate Director of Business Diversification
        Roberto García Merino
        • Manager of International Business Management Area
          Juan Majada Tortosa
        • Manager of Business Development Department
          Carlos Puente Pérez
        • Managers of International Projects
          José Antonio Robles Cedillo, Carlos Dequidt Lafuente
        • Manager of Diversified Business Management Department
          Mercedes Mota Olmeda
        • Manager of Telecommunications Business Area
          Mariano Aparicio Bueno
          • Technical Management of Telecommunications Business Department
            Ángel Malo Poyatos
          • Finance, Economic and Control Management of Telecommunications Business Department
            Amanda Cedeño Peña
          • Commercial Management of Telecommunications Business Department
            Francisco José Blanca Patón
      • Chief Financial Officer
        María Teresa Quirós Álvarez
        • Manager of Economic Area
          José Manuel Rodríguez Gil
          • Manager of Accounting and Administrative Information Department
            María Bañuelos Pinedo
          • Manager of Asset Management and Insurances Department
            Julián Díaz-Peñalver Carrasco
          • Manager of Assets Management Department
            Federico Jiménez Musso
          • Manager of Fiscal Department
            Alberto Cánovas Zazo
        • Manager of Finance Area
          Tomás José Gallego Arjiz
          • Manager of Finance Department
            Rosa María Velasco Miranda
          • Manager of Investor Relations Department
            Irene Gómez Barrio
        • Manager of Strategy and Control Area
          Emilio Cerezo Díez
          • Manager of Strategic Planning Department
            Santiago López Barba
          • Manager of Investment Control and Analysis Department
            Pedro Clapes Cons
          • Manager of Budgetary Control and Analytical Information Department
            Juan García Beltrán
      • Corporate Director of Resources
        Ángel Luis Mahou Fernández
        • Manager of Corporate Security Department
          José María Rico Ramos
        • Manager of Human Resources Area
          José Antonio Vernia Peris
          • Manager of Talent Management Department
            José Luis Mata Vigil-Escalera
          • Manager of Organisation and Human Resources Planning Department
            Gema Seco Canelo
          • Manager of Employee Services Department
            María Resurrección Barrio Martín
          • Manager of Spaces Transformation and New Working Ways Proyect
            Mónica García Samaniego
        • Manager of Supply Area
          Silvia Bruno de la Cruz
          • Manager of Civil Works and Services Contracting Department
            Andrés Cortés Prior
          • Manager of Equipment and Materials Procurement Department
            Rafael García Fernández
          • Manager of Suppliers and Supply Management Department
            Mónica Jiménez-Arellano Larrea
          • Special Project Contract Management
            Javier Tobaruela Delgado
        • Manager of Information Systems and Technology Area
          Ana María de Anca Ramos
          • Manager of IT Planning and Management Department
            Andrés Fernández Perales
          • Manager of IT Systems Department
            Pablo Martín Muñoz
          • Manager of Control Systems Department
            Alberto Arnáiz González
          • Manager of Infrastructure and Operations Department
            Bassam Al-Zarif Zabala