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Organisational Chart

  • Organisational Chart
    Red Eléctrica Group
    • Chairman
      José Folgado Blanco
      • General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors
        Rafael García de Diego Barber
        • Manager of Corporate Governance and Compliance Department
          Fernando Frías Montejo
      • Manager of Internal Audit and Control Risk Management Area
        Carlos Méndez-Trelles García
        • Manager of Internal Audit and Control Risk Department
          Manuel Sánchez Gómez
      • Manager of Sustainability and Innovation Area
        Daniel Santiago Pérez Varela
        • Manager of Environment Department
          Roberto Arranz Cuesta
        • Manager of CR and Quality Department
          Eva Rodicio González
        • Manager of R&D and European Projects Department
          Vicente González López
      • Manager of Institutional Relations Area
        Fátima Rojas Cimadevila
        • Manager of Institutional Relations Department
          Fernando Crespo Carretero
        • Manager of International Organisations Department
          Eduardo García Sánchez
        • Brussels Office
          Jasón Besga Basterra
      • Regional Offices
        • Manager of Ebro Regional Office
          José Ignacio Lallana Domínguez
        • Manager of East Regional Office
          Maria Teresa Vela Molina
        • Manager of Northeastern Regional Office
          Lluis Pinós Jorba
        • Manager of Northern Regional Office
          Antonio González Urquijo
        • Manager of Southern Regional Office
          Miguel González Ruiz
        • Manager of Western Regional Office
          Carlos González Patiño
        • Manager of Central Regional Office
          José Ignacio Fernández Somalo
        • Manager of Canary Islands Regional Office
          Ainara Irigoyen Zarragoicoechea
        • Manager of Balearic Islands Regional Office
          Eduardo Maynau Izeta
    • Chief Executive Officer
      Juan Lasala Bernad
      • Assistant Corporate Director to the CEO
        Francisco Ruiz Jiménez
        • Manager of Regulation Area
          Luis Villafruela Arranz
          • Manager of Regulation and Studies Department
            Mauricio Remacha Moro
          • Manager of Access to Information on the Electricity System Department
            Ana Isabel Abril Pérez
        • Manager of Communication Area
          Antonio Prada Ramos
          • Press Office
            Beatriz Elisa de Munck Loyola
          • Manager of Communication and Corporate Image Department
            Rafael Heredia Martínez
        • Manager of Legal Advice Area
          Ignacio Grangel Vicente
          • Manager of Legal Advices Department
            Cristina Palacios Recuero
      • General Manager of Transmission Division
        Eva Pagán Díaz
        • Deputy General Manager of Transmission Division
        • Manager of Transmission Services Area
          Luis Velasco Bodega
          • Manager of Transmission Management Department
            Guillermo Rodríguez Gaya
          • Manager of Licences Department
            Carmelo Oyola Arroyo
          • Manager of Transmission Grid Connection Services Department
            Julio Muñoz Flórez
          • Manager of Support for Diversification Projects Department
            David González Jouanneau
        • Manager of Engineering and Design Area
          Ramón Granadino Goenechea
          • Manager of Transmission Lines Engineering Department
            Ángel Gallego del Monte
          • Manager of Substations Engineering Department
            Luis Cabezón López
          • Manager of Design Department
            Baldomero García Galán
        • Manager of Construction Area
          Andrés Cadenas Martín
          • Manager of Renovation and Facilities Improvement Department
            Gonzalo Isabel Mira
          • Manager of Construction Department
            María Soler Soneira
          • Project Managers
            Emilio José Cases Palacín, Ignacio José Granados Galainena, Sonia Herrán Alonso, Javier Iglesias Díaz, Carlos López Montero, Francisco José Martín Álvaro, Arturo Pérez Martín, Juan Prieto Monterrubio, Juan Carlos Sánchez Martín, Antonio Sanz Ayllón
        • Manager of Facilities Maintenance Area
          Manuel López Cormenzana
          • Manager of Substations Maintenance Department
            Sergio Quintín Clemente
          • Manager of Lines Maintenance Department
            Elena Nogueroles Laguía
          • Manager of Telecommunications Department
            Juan Antonio García López
          • Manager of Northeast Demarcation
            Salvador Relat Portella
          • Manager of North Demarcation
            José María Muñoz Cabeza
          • Manager of East Demarcation
            Marta Orts Pons
          • Manager of Northwest Demarcation
            Agustín Pallarés Escanilla
          • Manager of Centre Demarcation
            Mario Castro Fernández
          • Manager of Sur Demarcation
            Pablo Relimpio Astolfi
          • Manager of Canary Islands Transmission Demarcation
            Vidina León Moreno
          • Manager of Balearic Islands Transmission Demarcation
            Francisco Javier Meléndez Pastor
      • General Manager of System Operation Division
        Miguel Rafael Duvison García
        • Manager of System Operation Area
          Tomás José Domínguez Autrán
          • Manager of Electricity Control Centre Department
            Juan Bola Merino
          • Manager of Balearic Islands System Operation Area
            José Manuel de la Torre Campos
          • Manager of Electricity Supply Guarantee Department
            David Alvira Baeza
          • Manager of System Security Department
            Jorque Vaquero Melado
          • Manager of Operation Markets Department
            Maria Luisa Llorens Casado
          • Manager of Canary Islands System Operation Area
            Eduardo Prieto García
            • Manager of Canary Islands System Operation Department
              René Ascanio Suárez
            • Manager of Isolated Systems Department
              Alberto Álvarez Férez
        • Manager of System Development Area
          Santiago José Marín Fernández
          • Manager of Electrical Planning Department
            María Concepción Sánchez Pérez
          • Manager of Electrical Reliability Department
            Rosalía Rivas Saiz
          • Manager of Grid Access Department
            Juan Francisco Alonso Lorente
          • Manager of System Operation Analysis and Development Department
            Juan Manuel Rodríguez García
        • Manager of System Operation Services Area
          Juan José Prieto Maestro
          • Manager of Metering Department
            Ricardo Bajo y del Pozo
          • Manager of Settlements Department
            Miguel Ángel Muro Villalón
          • Manager of Forecast and Coverage Models Department
            Jesús María Rupérez Aguilera
          • Manager of Demand-side Management and Smart Grids Department
            Susana Bañares Hernández
      • Corporate Director of Business Diversification
        Roberto García Merino
        • Manager of International Business Management Area
          Juan Majada Tortosa
        • Manager of Business Development Department
          Carlos Puente Pérez
        • Managers of International Projects
          José Antonio Robles Cedillo, Carlos Dequidt Lafuente
        • Diversified Business Management Department
          Juan García Beltrán
        • Manager of Telecommunications Business Area
          Mariano Aparicio Bueno
          • Technical Management of Telecommunications Business Department
            Ángel Malo Poyatos
          • Finance, Economic and Control Management of Telecommunications Business Department
            Amanda Cedeño Peña
          • Commercial Management of Telecommunications Business Department
            Francisco José Blanca Patón
      • Chief Financial Officer
        María Teresa Quirós Álvarez
        • Manager of Economic Area
          José Manuel Rodríguez Gil
          • Manager of Accounting and Administrative Information Department
            María Bañuelos Pinedo
          • Manager of Asset Management and Insurances Department
            Julián Díaz-Peñalver Carrasco
          • Manager of Assets Management Department
            Federico Jiménez Musso
          • Manager of Fiscal Department
            Alberto Cánovas Zazo
        • Manager of Finance Area
          Tomás José Gallego Arjiz
          • Manager of Finance Department
            Rosa María Velasco Miranda
          • Manager of Investor Relations Department
            Irene Gómez Barrio
        • Manager of Strategy and Control Area
          Emilio Cerezo Díez
          • Manager of Strategic Planning Department
            Santiago López Barba
          • Manager of Investment Control and Analysis Department
            Pedro Clapes Cons
          • Manager of Budgetary Control and Analytical Information Department
            Mercedes Mota Olmeda
      • Corporate Director of Resources
        Ángel Luis Mahou Fernández
        • Manager of Corporate Security Department
          José María Rico Ramos
        • Manager of Human Resources Area
          José Antonio Vernia Peris
          • Manager of Talent Management Department
            José Luis Mata Vigil-Escalera
          • Manager of Organisation and Human Resources Planning Department
            Gema Seco Canelo
          • Manager of Employee Services Department
            María Resurrección Barrio Martín
          • Manager of Spaces Transformation and New Working Ways Proyect
            Mónica García Samaniego
        • Manager of Supply Area
          Silvia Bruno de la Cruz
          • Manager of Civil Works and Services Contracting Department
            Andrés Cortés Prior
          • Manager of Equipment and Materials Procurement Department
            Rafael García Fernández
          • Manager of Suppliers and Supply Management Department
            Mónica Jiménez-Arellano Larrea
          • Special Project Contract Management
            Javier Tobaruela Delgado
        • Manager of Information Systems and Technology Area
          Ana María de Anca Ramos
          • Manager of IT Planning and Management Department
            Andrés Fernández Perales
          • Manager of IT Systems Department
            Pablo Martín Muñoz
          • Manager of Control Systems Department
            Alberto Arnáiz González
          • Manager of Infrastructure and Operations Department
            Bassam Al-Zarif Zabala